Get ready to take your dishes to another level with some artisan sauces! All of our products are handcrafted in Wellington, with the freshest produce, best quality New Zealand ingredients and made with care.

Sauces not only lift your meals up, they are a flavour-boost for meats, veggies and an easy way to finish a dish.

I studied culinary arts in El Salvador, Central America, where I learnt the secrets of Latin cuisine, influenced by Indigenous and Spanish flavours. 

My husband enjoys creating the hottest hot sauces, with an ample amount of fresh NZ grown chillies, with beautiful zesty and citrus spices, making the perfect layering of flavour and heat. 

We fusion elements of different culinary traditions (Tropical, Caribbean, Spanish and Indigenous), to make sauces from no heat to crazy hot, and match them with homemade recipes, inspired by my grandma's cooking tips. 

It's been a fun journey, experimenting with different recipes and culinary styles.

All our products are handmade right here in Wellington in micro batches. 

For those who love super spicy food and experiment with different chilli peppers, check the extra hot limited release range, made of ghost, magma and trinidad moruga chillies. 

Get creative in the kitchen and check Betsita's easy recipes section in our website - let's chase colours, flavour and keep the taste buds tingling :) 

Send us a message for wholesale inquiries.

Critical control points have been set in every batch,  to ensure all products meet the highest standards of food quality, safety, and the latest certifications and legal requirements.